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... For me, art means the search for maintaining the beauty of the meanings despite the time. Represents a language that occupies a vital place in me, a rediscovery of what I really am. That means the colors and shapes of the spirit...
Let's start my story with the painting, which is already long. Sometimes I feel I've known her for a lifetime, I can not identify a specific moment of the individual discovery. However, what I have always loved is the amount of resources and combinations that an artist can use to shape the messages and meanings. For this reason I am sure and convinced that I will follow this relation with art forever, simply because I can not live without it.
Why do I paint? I paint as a way of communication, as a form of expression that meets all my emotional resources, transforming them into an impulse that is capable of transmitting broad concepts instead of isolated terms. It’s a creative process that consists in expressing all of my memories, interior experiences and emotions through an art piece.

Therefore the themes of my work are not a choice or conscious ideas; they are accumulated meanings in me, looking to stay through the power of colors and the sensation of the textures.

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Recent Projects

"El Federalista"

"El Federalista Magazine" November 2013, 3,000 units. National publication

"Audi Magazine"

"Audi Magazine" December 2013, 26,000 units. National Publication

"The Interior"

Oil and oil pastels on canvas.
Technique: Mixed
110cm x 150cm


"Ticketmaster Magazine" January 2014, 90,000 units, National Publication