About me:

I was born in the city of Puebla, Mexico in 1978. I consider myself a contemporary Mexican painter, whose formation occurred primarily through watching and being part of a particular genealogic tree, which does not exclude, that since my childhood I have been fostered to love art in all its manifestations, mainly in architecture, music and painting.

Over the years I have discovered gratefully how certain family skills in the genealogical branches are preserved and encouraged from a generation to another one… that constitutes what today I consider my training.

I was delighted to find how the careful hands of the great-grandfather were able to build a perfect and beautiful cage for canaries, how the great-grandmother's handwriting was aesthetically outstanding, how the piano sounds of my grandmother, then my mothers and now mine, allow me to relate the music with colors or images, how the visits to the art gallery of my Aunt, concerts, museums, the lessons of  painting, drawing, sculpture, baroque, etc …have opened the eyes of my senses to watch differently all around me, and this for me has been the most valuable and important training that I could receive. This is me.